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Friday, October 19, 2007

Disassembly Guides

Please first consider that any repair that involves opening up the camera case will also require some electrical background and knowledge. Camera disassembly should not be attempted by anyone unfamiliar with basic electrical components and safety precautions. Before downloading or following any of these guides, please first read the following post concerning the risk of SEVERE flash capacitor electrical shock, and how to mitigate it when working on the exposed internal components of your camera:

That said, the usual warning if you decide to proceed: "Follow these procedures at your own risk. These procedures should only be considered as a last resort on a broken camera with an expired warranty. I take no responsibility should you damage your camera in following these steps. Also note that there is some danger of electrical shock. I also take no responsibility if you accidentally zap yourself while following any of these procedures.”

Disassembly guides for cameras by manufacturer and model include:

Canon Powershot - Pro1, S10, S45, A70, A95, IXUS II/SD100
Sony CyberShot - DSC-P7
Nikon Coolpix - 775
Fujifilm FinePix - 40i, 2650
Minolta Dimage - Xi, E223
Olympus - C5050
Kodak - DCS 760
HP PhotoSmart - 620
Kyocera Finecam - S3R

Here's some guides showing disassembly of Canon Powershots including disassembly of a:

Here's another example Powershot SD300

Yet another example Powershot SD300

And another example Powershot SD300
with an excellent fix of a lens error!

Powershot SD400

Yet another Powershot SD500

Yet another Powershot SD550

And another Powershot SD600

And another Powershot SD600

Powershot A610 (in Russian)


The Imitation said...

I am looking for a disassembly guide for a Canon SD900. Have you seen one?

Camera Repair said...

Some of those listed here may be similar:

3×5 said...

Hey CR,

First of all, thank you for putting this blog up as a resource. I am having trouble disassembling a Powershot SD1200. The case won't come up in one corner, by the flash, that doesn't appear to have any external screws. Do you know anything about this model, or this problem? I am at a loss.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Any ideas on a Sony HC-110. An estimate to clean sand out of the lens is $140. If I had a guide I could definitely do it myself! Any ideas.

Andrei said...

Hello, u`ve done a well job here!do you have a disassembly guide for a PS A610/A510/A620 for the shutter problem or anyway...? Thx a lot

Camera Repair said...

Sorry don't have specifically for those cameras. But the guides for the A650 should be close for the A610/A620. And the guide for the A530 should be close for the A510.


John and Jan Galligan said...

I have a Canon SD 870IS. Upon dropping it the first time, into a gravel walkway, I had 4 damaged places on the LCD. I ordered an LCD screen, complete with Powerpoint pictures from a fellow in Columbia, SC (eBay). Before I had the chance to install the LCD screen, I dropped the slippery camera again onto a hotel room, tile floor. This time, the backlight went out. At first it was very dim (one could make out an image, but after I installed the new LCD screen, and had to temporarily disconnect the backlight, the camera went completely black. It still takes good pics, but you can't see what you are taking. I can get a backlight for $19 from this guy, but should I at this point send it in for professional repair?

A.A. said...

Here's another repair guide on removing parts from a PowerShot S500

Frank said...

I was wondering if you had any experience or resources regarding repair and disassembly of dslrs. Thanks!

Samantha said...

I have been looking for a disassembly guide for my Canon Powershot SX20IS. It has a lens error. I haven't had much luck, do you know of any?


Asheet said...

I have a Pentax Optio M40 bought in 2008 Oct. It suddenly started taking weird pics & that too only indoors. Outdoor pics were washed out. I had no clue what happened. Then some googling and a visit to nearby Photo shop revealed that it is a CCD issue. I am a very careful user & never had a faulty camera or phone in my hand. So i realised it could be a mfg defect. I googled some more & found this website. meanwhile I contacted Pentax who replied that they never had a M40 CCD issue but had issues with K5. I told them that perhaps my M40 is the first defect being reported to as I have some knowledge of the issue in hand. Still they refuse to repauir it Free but asked me to pay $12 for shipping fee post a Free repair estinmate. Repair charges will be additional. Can u help with a disassembly manual for M40 and also any reported CCD issue with M40.

Camera Repair said...

The symptoms sound more like a stuck shutter, stuck in the open position. Recommend reading this other article on the blog instead.


JOTMON said...

I'm looking for a canon powershot A470 disassembly guide. My unit's lens needs repair. replacing the broken flex only, cost already a little less than 40 dollars. I don't have much to pay for the repairs coz it's already like buying a used one on ebay

Asheet said...

I checked my Pentax for stuck shutter as advised by you. However when i look down the camera lens & click, i do see the shutter closing..

I see that shutter is always open. When i click, i see it shutting & again opening. Is this normal? Pl advise if there is away to fix it.
If I open the camera & blow hot air using a hairblower, will that help to get the CCD going?
Pl advise

Asheet said...

Also, if you can share dis-assembly guide for Pentax Optio M40, that will be cool.

Dogla said...

Does anyone have steps to disassemble a Fuji S2950? there's something loose inside (sounds like a screw) and i bought it online from the states (i live in South america so returning will be a pain). I can manage tools so all I need is to watch for hidden locks/clips that I might break...

Mark Strauss said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark Strauss said...

Never mind, indeed I had to lift the screen/screen backing plate to reveal the lens gear near the bottom left of the camera on the Powershot A1100. If anyone else needs to know, that's where it is! Takes a lot of disassembly.

Mark Strauss said...

Sorry for the multiple comments, there's no edit function.. it seems the Powershot A1100 has a substantially more maddening internal setup than the other cameras featured. I found a set of gears and tried turning them this way and that but the lens hasn't seemed to have moved at all. I even managed to break one of the ribbons connecting from the power button to the flash. The placement of other ribbons seems to make further dis-assembly rather impossible. Going a little crazy at the moment.

kelly wright said...

I just worked through the Canon A430 lens repair as posted and it worked great to free up my stuck lens. All you need is a screwdriver and patience. Thanks for the great photos and detailed description of step by step

Frederick said...

Can I know is there any link to disassemble Canon Powershot A2200?? Appreciate your feedback here:) Thanks..

JL said...

I'm trying to replace the LCD screen my on olympus stylus 840µ. Per "E-how" I have taken the back off and the lcd screen is exposed. I've removed the 2 screws on the metal plate under the screen, but the plate will not remove. I therefore have no access to unplug the ribbon cables. Can you take me to the next step?

Anonymous said...

The following link is not functional:

Camera Repair said...

Thanks, removed the link. But there might be more as this article is quite old.

Enrique Henny said...

Hi! thank you very much for your blog. I tried everything you say to unblock my lens unit in a NIKON P7100. Repairing the camera would cost more than the camera at nikon service.
I am decided to open it and change the lens unit (ebay sells it)
I would like to have some advice in opening the case and changing the part. Do you have some diagrams aobut this particular camera? Or any other sugestion to help me?

Virginie said...

Hello, we have got an old Sony Cyber-shot 7.2 Megapixels. The issue is that our youngest decided to experimented with the zoom... The camera is now blocked in the full zoom out configuration and the zoom is somehow slanted toward the side. Any thoughts?? Thanks!

Camera Repair said...

Please see the right column of this blog for the section labeled Our Other Popular Article. Please click on the first one titled Fixing a Lens Error. Good luck!

xctraveler said...

My camera is Canon G2. I do not see a disassembly guide it. I was climbing on rock and the camera swung out from my neck and hit rock. The lens was retracted at the time. It extended part way and gave lens error, not the first time I had seen this error. I tried the various push/pull techniques. The lense extended to its full extent and there it is stuck. I have tried all the noninvasive techniques suggested and have picked my new Canon, but would still like to try and disassembly techniques for the experience and also to possibly have a functional camera to give to a family member.

vinoth said...

thank you for your great service to all
thank you once again

Chris said...

I am trying to see the disassembly guide for the powershot a560 but when i click on the link there, it takes me to a "forbidden access"! i'd love to review the information. Thanks!