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Friday, November 23, 2007

Camera Mode Dial Repair

The "Mode Dial" enables the camera to select different modes of operation. Rear mounted types, such as those seen in the example picture, are of very simple design. Top mounted types are also of similar design, but they are usually much harder to access. Mode dials should operate for a very long time due to their simplicity. Yet some may become inoperative for a variety of causes (dirt fouling, impact damage, etc...). When this occurs, it may be necessary to actually open up the camera case to correct this problem. As such, please consider this a repair that requires some electrical background and knowledge, and should not be conducted by anyone unfamiliar with basic electrical components and safety precautions.

Mode Dial

Before downloading the following repair guide, please first review this important warning concerning the possibility of SEVERE electrical shock from the camera's flash capacitor, and how to mitigate it:

Also the usual warning of “Follow these procedures at your own risk. These procedures should only be considered as a last resort on a broken camera with an expired warranty. I take no responsibility should you damage your camera in following these steps. Also note that there is some danger of electrical shock from the camera's flash capacitor. I also take no responsibility if you zap yourself while following these procedures.” Here's the repair guide download link:

Mode Dial Repair.pdf (from skydrive)


rhoadrw said...

I have a Canon Powershot SD750 that will not flash under any mode. Any ideas on how to fix this or a good fair repair company?



Camera Repair said...

Please see this post instead. Pay attention to the screws around the perimeter.


adi said...

This was amazing! thank you very much for the tutorial. I had dropped my dad's digital camera in the ocean and it stopped working for a while. the issue was that the mode dial would not flip the modes any longer.

thanks to your tutorial the problem is now fixed :)

another queer thing i noticed was that the mode would work in warmer/sunny weather and not in colder/damper weather.

Smile said...

Hi. I have a Sony DSC V1 camera. The Mode dial is on top. I opened the camera's front and back covers and the mode dial button remained fixed on the camera.

Then I noticed that the mode dial button, the power button, the external flash socket and the nightshot switch are all attached to a plastic piece that will slide backwards (down in the picture) after I unhooked some "cables". You can clearly see this piece in the picture; it is the slightly elevated area with all the mentioned buttons on it.

Now I have this piece completely separated from the camera with the mode dial on it. Under the plastic there is a steel plate and the plastic is attached to the steel with plastic bolts. It seems that, to access the mode dial mechanism, I have to cut or melt these plastic bolts (11 of them or so). Any advice? 3 of these bolts also hold a "flat cable" and one holds also another plastic piece.