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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Canon A530 / A540 with Short Battery Life or Hot Bottom

For camera owners other than A530/A540 experiencing short battery life, or for A530/A540 owners that are not on the below described advisory list, please see this post instead.

Some Canon Powershot A530 and A540 cameras are subject to an advisory recall. It seems that a little hinge spring in the door of the battery compartment can stick out and short the batteries. The end result is very poor battery life, with only a few shots taken before the batteries die. Also the battery door becomes hot.

The good news is that Canon will fix this for free, with free shipping, regardless of the camera's warranty status. Please see this link from Canon.

When contacting Canon, recommend that you print out the above linked advisory and have it in hand. Also, please review the following article concerning a similar Canon advisory for a faulty CCD image sensor.

This should be handled in the exact same way. As stated in the above article, be on guard and respond immediately should you get any feeling that you will be responsible for ANY charges. Repair of your camera should be free and painless.



Annaliese said...

I'm in NZ with same problem on a powershot a430. Would this apply?

Camera Repair said...

No, sorry but the advisory does not apply to an A430. But look at this post instead.

False Start Generation said...


I have a Canon Powershot A540 with 6.0 pixels and 4.0x Optical Zoom. Great camera, until I left it un protected in my purse and the lever that goes back and forth from camera to play -broke off. For a while we could put a bobby pin or twist tie in there and wiggle the "innards" back and forth and it still worked just fine - now that doesn't do it either. I took off the cover, and when I touch metal to the area (no such inner lever the screen flicks back and forth but doesn't actually change to play.

Canon wants $200-300 to fix it - we might as well get a new camera but we dont' have the dough.

is it done for? Isn't there anything we can do?


Anonymous said...

G Day
I bought my mum a Canon A530 2 years ago and just lately the when viewing the movies we had taken the greeny brown grass is showing as a purple colour. The darker the day the worse it gets but is still there on bright days. Any suggestions before I send it to Canon.

Camera Repair said...

Sorry to say, but if this is occurring while in Auto setting, that this sounds like impending failure of the camera's CCD imager. This is not something that you can repair yourself. If still under warranty, Canon will repair this for you free of charge. Even if no longer under warranty, still recommend contacting Canon, as this should not happen in a newer model camera (be nice, and maybe they'll be nice about it too :-).

If in US or Canada, Call 1-800-OK-CANON. Anywhere else, contact Canon support through

Anonymous said...

I have just purchased a Canon PowerShot A530 /AiAF, Serial Nbr 2722250009, thinking it was the perfect deal,because Canon is one of the best camera brands, and all the reviews I found on internet indicated it was a very good compact model.
Ever since I turned it on, it showed low battery with the blinking red indicator. The camera came with two pairs of NiMH rechargeable batteries, one pair GP 2300 and the other pair SONY 2500 mAh. Battery Charger is SONY. I thought maybe batteries were old and didn´t hold the adequate charge, so I bought a pair of brand new Energizer 2450 NiMH. After charging them the camera apparently had overcome the problem because the blinking red light was gone. But after a couple of shots the blinking resumed, indicating Replace Batteries and turning camera off.
Please give me your opinion, because although the serial number starts with "27" my camera has exactly the same problem as shown on the Canon page for this model A-530.
Your adivise will be highly appreciated, because I believe it´s a good camera and I would regret losing it due to malfunction

Thanks for your attention.

Camera Repair said...

Contact Canon and tell them the same thing that you told me, (when you say the same problem, am assuming that there is an exposed spring in the battery compartment that's touching the battery contact plate, and thus shorting out on it). Canon should help you.

If they don't, the problem can be simply jury-rigged fixed by placing a small piece of tape between the spring and the battery contact plate (make sure that the tape doesn't interfere with the batteries contacting the plate). This should prevent the spring from shorting out on the plate. I know this is not the optimal solution, but it's simple and should be functional. Come back and let us know how things go.


Camera Repair said...

One more comment. Read the last paragraph on the Canon adivisory page. They state:

"PowerShot A530 and A540 digital cameras affected by this phenomenon will be repaired free of charge, regardless of warranty status. Accordingly, if the opening/closing spring on the inside of the battery cover of your PowerShot A530 or A540 digital camera sticks out, please do not use the camera. Instead, please contact a Canon call center (at the toll-free number below) at your earliest convenience."

If that spring is sticking out as shown in the picture, give them a call! Here's the number, call now:



Clare said...

Thank you for this post.

I'll be trying the tape fix. My camera falls out of the serial number for the free fix.

But.. as long as I can get this jury-rigged until I get my A720 or A590.. I'll be a happy camper.. My XT is a little bulky for my purse. :D

Thanks AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Figured I would ask you since you have the camera knowledge :) I have a Canon A530 and the flash is now refusing to fire. It will take pics with out the flash on, but if you turn on the flash, it does nothing. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Rachelle said...

I used the first option to try to fix my Nikon which was stuck in the closed position. I had previously removed some obvious fluff. It worked. I've now cleaned the contacts on the battery as well as on close inspection they were a little dirty.

Anonymous said...

NEW symptom? NEW fault?

I have Canon PS A530. Serial number starts with 23. However, the spring installed is already the right one - preventing the short. The Bottom is NOT getting hot.
Problem is only with the battery life. Newly charged baterries - 1,38V give REPLACE BATTERIES msg.
New batteries 1,5V - give the same msg.

So the short battery life is my problem but the bottom plate is not shorted by the spring.

is there anyone who knows how to fix this ?? or what is wrong???

please answer in this post

Camera Repair said...

Please see this other post
from the blog. Suspect you may be using weak batteries (both alkaline and rechargeable) that may have reached their shelf life. Also, rechargeable batteries are normally 1.2V, and am thus confused when you mention 1.38V rechargeable.

Anyways, highly recommend rechargeable "NiMH" batteries rated "2,500 mah or better". Look on the package at the store for this number. If the package of NiMH batteries does not have its power rating listed on the package, it's likely an inferior battery and should be avoided.

Anonymous said...

I've got the same problem as Laura with my A540.
It does not have the spring problem, it does not get hot, but it is refusing to fire the flash. It still takes pictures without flash.

In the beginning I had the problem that when flash had fired, the display would stay black en the flashindicator started to blink orange. This would not stop untill I switched to View-mode and then back to Camera-mode.
Then it started to refuse to Flash, until I put in fresh high quality non-rechargable bateries, and it would allow me to take 3 flash pictures.
Now it just won't flash anymore...

I'm over my warranty, does anybody know a (cheap) solution? How much would Canon charge for it?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Before reading your post I was at the Canon website and was quoted $89 to repair this. Thanks to you, I'm calling them first thing in the morning to fix it for free! Thanks again!

Unknown said...

I have a Canon A540 s/n starts with 25, not one which is listed with the spring condition. The battery life has progressively worsened to the point we can only take a couple of shots before the batteries are dead. Have tried various types of rechargeables and nothing works.

Camera Repair said...

Have you checked to see if your spring is sticking out like shown in this picture? If so, contact Canon regardless of your serial number.


Unknown said...

Yes, Checked, not the spring issue.

Camera Repair said...

Well if you're only getting a couple pictures with rechargeables, it likely is a short somewhere. Feel around the case of your camera to see if there are any "warm" spots (the likely location of the short). Pay particular attention to the battery door. If necessary, you may have to open the back camera case to zero-in on the location of the short. A good sign is that your camera is still working, so it may be a simple fix.


Unknown said...

I may have found the problem, although my camera doesn't match the recall profile, I did pull the spring out from under the lid and clipped off about 1/8" of the end and put a piece of tape under it. It seems to have fixed the problem.

Unknown said...

I have a Canon A540 (Serial number starts with 28). I bought hybrid NiMH rechargeable batteries for it because these are supposed to hold a charge even when not in use. I charged the batteries and put them in the camera. They were dead the next morning or at best after 2 days, with the camera OFF the entire time (except to turn it on and see the Low Battery icon). I tried different batteries, a different brand of batteries (Rayovac and Hybrio) and a different charger. I got the same result each time. That leaves the camera.

I don't have any hot spots on the camera and the little spring doesn't stick out.

Any ideas?


the bloggers post said...

Thank you soooooo much. You just saved me a ton of effort and money. Great stuff.


Anonymous said...

I also have an A530 S.N. 28xxxx.
My experience is the same as these other guys. This camera is virtually unusable. It sucks the batteries dry even if its off.

Anonymous said...

1) Well, I bought a new camera and found that it went through my Nimh batteries pretty quick too. Conclusion: batteries ARE a big part of my problem. They both seem to run O.K. on a fresh set of alkalines. That being said, the Canon draws more current than the new Sony. (500mA vs 300mA with display on, 75 mA with display off)

2)I took the Canon apart and found it was not assembled correctly. The door spring is supposed to go through a slot in the plastic case and be insulated from the camera frame. It was not. I don't think it was shorting the batteries to the frame, but maybe.

Geneb5 said...

I'll echo the poster who said, "Wow - i can't believe that worked."
I have a Canon Powershot SD850 and the lens has been shut (lens error) since day one, I just never had the time to return it, and it's now out of warranty. After trying all the previous steps, and banging it around in general, I read this poster's message. After gently but firmly tapping the A/V out corner of the camera 4 or 5 times it works! Not like a charm, the lens makes a lot of creaky noises going in and out, but it works!

Anonymous said...

Twisted the barrel of my Sanyo with Error 21x2119. It took a couple of twisting back and forth, but it finally lined the pins back up. Now is focuses in and out just fine. Thanks a million. It was a Christmas gift for my mom.

Luiz Vianna said...

The only way to solve the batery life problem was isolating all the backdor contacts with a tape.

Unknown said...

I bought a great but beat up Nikon L19 real cheap with a problem battery cover. I tried several fixes - but the plastic tabs were broken on the door and body!

Stay near the bottom edge to avoid battery contacts and internal part

I used a straight pin. Held in pliers and heated with a torch (stove or cig lighter may work) and plunged it thru the case and door. You have to pull it immediately or it will stick. It will probably cool too much to get it on the first try, So, using a new pin each time, repeat. The melted plastic will stick the door to the body, so have a razor blade to stick in the cracks.

Maybe easier is a very small - .030-.040" drill bit - find at hobby shop. I found the melted tight and then tried drilling.

Trim the pin to length with wire cutters. Works great and replacement pins are easy to come by! Cost -$0 and only a small bright dot on the case.


Anonymous said...

my shutter is stuck out and my camera wont turn on.

Jarek said...

I had very short battery life with my A520 for several years, I was very close to getting rid of this camera altogether until I received this solution from Canon support. Since then my camera is fine. I wish I found about it earlier. Also, Canon does not publish this solution on their website... (?).

1. Remove your batteries and close the battery door.

2. Hold down the ON/OFF switch for 1 minute. This drains the camera of
all of its energy, causing the camera to reset itself.

3. Remove you hand and replace the batteries.

Turn your camera ON.

Flávio said...

Had an A530 forgotten in a drawer for some few years because of this low batt problem.

Today I decided to search for a solution and this page plus the cannon recall page were a perfect match.

As I live in Brazil and talking to service would cost more than I would intent do spend I tried fixing it myself:

- pulled the spring with pliers, moving it aside instead of under battery plate
- put a small piece of paper under it

now the camera seems to be working nicely!

Thank you!

Unknown said...

I called Canon about my Powershot A530 (it's one of the ones that were recalled), but (as I read down in your updates after), they aren't honoring this problem with their manufacturing. Tried some of the solutions others gave (emptying the batteries, holding the on button for minute, also the paper under the tab connector thing, too), to no avail.

Then I noticed: right next to the spot where the batteries go is a little tab with "CR1220" on it. I lifted it up - and low & behold there is a round battery (the type that goes in watches - only bigger)!

As soon as I can, I'm getting a replacement to see if this works. Will post my results here. (There is nothing in the camera manual about this!)

Thanks so much for your blog, btw. If I had called Canon immediately after I first found this post, I would probably have a repaired or new camera. My procrastination certainly didn't help me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynne. did changing the battery in the cri220 help with the flash/battery life problem?

Kim said...

Going off Lynne's comment, I removed the cr1220 tab to have a look at the battery. Hmm.

When I replaced it, the camera asked me for a date and time.

After that, no more flashing red battery alert. Hmm.

I'm ordering some cr1220 just to have them about; I'll probably replace the one in the camera.

Thanks for this site - saved me more than once!

Anonymous said...

RE: Camera Repair

Thank you so much for your help, I finally know why I keep getting so many "file errors".

I have tried the "MiniTool Power Data Recovery" program - it works very well with recovering deleted photos, but unfortunately I have not been able to find my damaged files.

Thanks again for your help.

Donna said...

I have a Canon PowerShot A530 that I got in 2007 and started out working great. Then in 2010 I upgraded to a newer Sony model and handed down my Canon to my daughter. She just gave it back to me stating the batteries wouldn't hold their charge. Found your help blog and tried the tape...didn't work...tried cleaning with a rubber eraser...didn't work...tried fresh, high grade batteries... didn't work...tried removing the batteries, holding down the power button for a minute, replaced the batteries, turned the camera on...WORKED!!!! So far, so good! Will keep in mind the CR1220 battery as that will most likely need to be replaced...batteries don't last forever. Will pass it on to my son and see how he does with it. Like others have commented...THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE!!!

Abhishek said...

I had bought this A530 from USA, but now i am in India. I have this same battery problem. Where should i go to repair this..??

Elliott Broidy said...

THANK YOU. I needed this!

BULBUL said...

I am using Canon Powershot SX210IS Digital Camera. The camera lens got dust/dirt from inside. As a result photos are coming with lots of dots all over. Dust being visible from outside. Please suggest how to clean the lens fron inside. Thanks in advance. Mail me at

Anonymous said...

Old thread but plenty of cams out there...same low batt life on an A540. Canon no longer has parts, offering Customer Loyalty deal since I've had the camera so long. Saw the door spring recall...mine is affected as a "22" and then I saw a spring was properly tucked in it's slot to go up inside the door, but must have been making cotact with back of metal piece. I fished it all the way out, cut it down in size with a pair of wire snips so it only touched metal on the door that is not part of the circuitry, and so far problem is gone.

Canon Cameras said...

Some Canon Powershot A530 and A540 cameras are subject to an advisory recall. It seems that a little hinge spring in the door of the battery ...

Unknown said...

Hi there
I have a samsung wb5000 it keeps saying remove lens cap .. Obviously I have .. but says this then powers off

Anonymous said...

1 a worked for me, thanks!