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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fuji Digital Cameras Showing Black Images or Distorted Images

Similar to Canon and Sony, Fuji has also promised to REPAIR FOR FREE its cameras experiencing symptoms of a defective CCD under their recall advisory. You may have to pay for shipping to the repair facility (I would strongly argue reimbursement with them). Some symptoms of a defective CCD include distorted images or abnormal colors, scratchy purple lines, blank or black pictures, and/or black videos with good sound being recorded on the camera's flash card. You may suspect that the camera's shutter is not opening, but this is not the case. Fuji digital still camera models that are affected include:

Advisory Camera Models and Serial Numbers

FinePix A303
Serial Numbers 3JA4**** through 3JA5****

FinePix F410
Serial Numbers 32A1****, 32A6**** through 32A7****, 32A9****

FinePix F700
Serial Numbers 33A0****, 34A1****

Had a little difficulty finding this advisory (makes it seem like they're hiding it hmmmmm? If so, shame on them!), but use the following instructions at the Fuji website: (UPDATE September 6, 2008: It seems that FUJI has abandoned their repair of these defective camera as the following link no longer works. DOUBLE shame on them!!!)


Just Dawn said...

I'm having a problem maybe you can help me fix. I have a Powershot camera that will not turn off. It will shut down momentarally and then turn right back on. Any ideas?

Camera Repair said...

The only way a camera could turn itself back on is if its power button is stuck in the on position, or the power switch is shorted. To fix may require opening the camera to gain access to the power button and switch. What powershot model do you have?

Just Dawn said...

I'm sorry it's not a PowerShot but a Sony Cyber-Shot 7.2 Mp Digital Camera DSC-S700. Does that help?

Camera Repair said...

It's likely that Sony will fix this for you if the camera is still under warranty. Why don't you try their support section first at Come back if they won't help, or quote you a price that's out of the question. The reason I'm encouraging you to contact them first is that the fix will involve opening the camera. Don't want to suggest for you to do this unless you feel comfortable, and the camera's out of warranty.

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Frank Zapper said...

I have a Sony DSC-S700 I bought 3 months ago that has a cracked LCD from when I carried it in my pants pocket. Sony refuses to fix it under warranty ("accidental damage" - maybe I should have said I left it in the car and the sun cracked it). This blog gave me the idea to fix it myself.

I downloaded a service manual from for $2.95 to find out how to take it apart, which I did, it was easy.

I discovered you can buy a new LCD for $66 at 2 different Web sites but, even better, I found that you buy this camera for parts on Ebay for around $20 or less. I am watching several right now and when I receive it my camera's fixed!

Hope this helps somebody.

Anonymous said...

how do i do the ccd motor ?

i have that problem i opened it up and everything

and im risking in going ahead.

Karukkuvel Rajan said...

I'm getting "Lens Error, Restart Camera" with my canon SX100IS camera when i focus my camera beyond a limit. Is there anyone suggest if i could repair this myself.

Briela said...

So the screen on my camera is not working. All i see is a balck thing so i can't view what i am taking a picture of. It's a Polariod and is more info is needed or you can help me, email me at

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. I have an HP Photosmart M437. Fix #7 helped me get the lens to extend. Once the lens extended. It wouldn't go back in again. After a few minutes of taking the batteries in and out and fidgeting with the lens, it's back in working condition. I don't know for how long but Christmas 2008 will be saved.

Anonymous said...

I think I have the same problem. My camera is Sony DSC-W90. The warranty expired 2 months ago.
How do I fix it?

Camera Repair said...

Unfortunately your model camera does not fall under the Sony CCD advisory. Such symptoms are not repairable by the average consumer. You'll need to contact Sony directly to arrange repair:

Rajesh said...

Thanks for the information.
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Anonymous said...

hello,my PowerShot A60 has this problem when taking picture( always purple images)
Any tips for how to fix the problem?
Thank you all

Courtneyyy04 said...

I have a finepix J110W and there is a error across the screen that says "! FRAME NO. FULL"

and it wont let me take pictures... how do i fix that?

Anonymous said...

umm. i tried to do all the options and it didnt work up until the tapping against the palm but it went halfway then it wouldnt go anymore what should i do im desperate

Michael said...

I have a sony cybershot 10.1 megapix and had the screen go very dark (to the point where you can hardly tell it is on if at all) but the camera takes pics still. I thought it may be the ccd sensor after reading about this problem and so I ordered one and replaced it myself. It is still functioning but the LCD is still dark. Could this be a different problem or do you think the ccd sensor I received is also bad? Or did i miss a step when replacing the sensor (I just took it apart, unplugged the old and plugged in the new one)? Any help is appreciated. thanks

Camera Repair said...

Did you actually replace the CCD sensor (inside the lens, and a very difficult task usually) or do you actually mean the LCD screen (just inside the back cover, and usually very easy to get at and replace)?

Anyways you say the camera is still taking pictures. Have you downloaded them? Do they look OK? If so, I'm guessing that your problem is the backlight illuminator to the LCD screen. The LCD screen itself needs a light behind it so that you can see what's on it. If this light does not come on, the screen will be dark. Usually the problem is just a bad power connection to the light, and normally can be corrected by finding its power plug and reseating it. I'm not entirely familiar with your model camera, so you'll have to do some research on this yourself.


Michael said...

Ok, thanks so much. I did replace the actual ccd sensor located behind the lens. I didn't realize the LCD needed a backllight so that sounds likely to be the problem because the LCD and images are otherwise operable. Thank you so much for your help

Anonymous said...

I have a Sony Cyber-Shot 8.1 megapixel with the 5x optical zoom. You can't make out anything on the screen when taking pictures. It looks. It has a distrauted screen.Is there anyway to get this fixed?

John said...

I have a Casio EX-F1 and need to remove the internal filters. I need to use an external IR filter and the internal ones interfere.

I am electronically able to work on the inside if someone knows how-to or has a repair manual for removing the filter.


Bob L said...

I have a Fine Pix A345.
Don't use it much, but went just now to retrieve it to use. Powered on and got the "zoom error" message. Noticed the lens wouldn't come out. Did all the steps 1-7. None worked. Went back to using compressed air, but this time I used my fingernail, exerting pressure in the crack around lense to open the gaps more as I used the compressed air and worked around the lense on all sides. Voila! It worked! Thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

Canon Powershot SD1100 IS

Lens would not extend and got a "lens error, restart camera" prompt. I tried dislodging with my nail and removed/recharged battery and memory card but to no avail.

After reading blog, I blew air into lens; but no movement. I then tapped the camera on my palm, twice, turned power on and lens extended but now got extremely fuzzy image and no focus. Took out battery and memory card and reinstalled battery only. It worked! Everything seems to be back to normal thanks to your blog. Thank you!!

Tony Q

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I have a fujifilm, and the display doesn't show the pictures. I order for me to see my pictures, i have to resort to looking through the tiny window that should usually be used when taking the pictures. Any ideas how to fix this?

Anonymous said...

I have a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS. This started giving "Lens error, restart Camera".
Following Fix worked:
1. Make sure you have fully charged batteries in the Camera,
2. Hold the camera with lens pointing down. Make sure its on a soft surface, incase the Camera Slips from your hand.
3. Power on the Camera with Lens pointing down and as you power on, slowly Tap on the side of the Camera. This could open the lens. Some times, it will open half way and wait. Repeat this steps few more time and you should see the lens open out fully. Now you can power off and try again.

Hope this helps. It helped me and I was out of warranty :(

Anonymous said...

I have a sony cybershot DSC S-700 7.2 MP camera. When i try turn it on the screen comes on but the shutter wont open and there's a clicking noise,then turns off automatically.What can I do besides taking it in?

Anonymous said...

i have a finepix AV120, i dropped it and the lens is now stuck and wont go back in. you can turn the camera on but it says to turn the camera off and back on again, this has'nt worked. you are stil able to view photos but it won't take any more photos and the image is fuzzy, is there any hope of fixing it??

Camera Repair said...

Maybe, but you should be reviewing this article instead, as you're likely experiencing a lens error (zoom error on Fuji's). Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I would just like to say thanks! i was having trouble with my lens barrel, and i my warrenty had run out, after checking out this blog i was able to fix it myself! twisting the lens barrel as i hit the power button seemed to do the trick, but it took a bit of force to do so.
thank you so much for your help!!

sparrow said...

This is a wonderful website! Anyone with a lens stuck who's nervous about trying the advice here should have a go. I've fixed stuck Casio and Samsung lenses on cameras which would otherwise have been binned.
I have a problem with my Casio Exilim EX-S500 which has a bleached out picture, particularly in daylight. It takes indoor pictures ok and I'm wondering if this is a fault with the camera or whether my grandson has fiddled with the settings. Any advice please?

Camera Repair said...

Sounds like a stuck shutter. See the May 2009 article on this blog "Simple Fix for a Stuck Shutter".


Anonymous said...

Can someone help me. i have a fuji S5000 camera and the screen is white. blank. i can take pictures but they just also come out white. anyone know what i need to do? or anyway i can fix it myself?

Carlene said...

I have a Fuji XP10 waterproof camera. The power button seems to be broken. It won't turn on at all. the battery is fully charged. We were having trouble turning it on and had to press really hard for a while and now it just won't turn on. I called the compnay and the camera is 3 weeks out of warranty (purchased June 2, 2010) SUCKS! So the company wants $95 to fix it, but I only paid $179 for the camera. I'd hate to throw it away and buy a new one. Any suggestions?

Carlene said...

I have a Fuji X10 Waterproof camera. The power button seems to be broken. For a few weeks now it has been very hard to press the button and turn the camera on. Now it won't turn on at all. The battery is fully charged. Purchased June 1, 2010 so now it is about 3 weeks out of warranty. SUCKS. I'd hate to have to buy a new one, since Fuji wants $95 to fix it and I can get a new one for $130 - not worth it. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

hi,, I have a digicam,, fujifilm a170, when I turn i on,, it's only show white on the screen but when I take a shot it is working,, do you know what is the problem.. please email me.. at

Anonymous said...

My Casio Exilim had the lens stuck open and I fixed it with the advice here. Turning it face down on clean paper and tapping it produced a few grains of sand but I had to persevere for ages tapping then cleaning it with a fine, dry sable paint brush..this eventually produced a few more grains then it was a matter of enticing it to close - as per the instructions here. I also mended a friend's camera the same way and I have to say it's SOOOO satisfying when it suddenly decides to work!

Camera_ Crisis said...

I have a Fuji-film Finepix F70 EXR, but when I turn it on, it says to turn it off and back on again. The lens doesn't return into the camera when it goes off and it has zoomed in to the closest and wont zoom back out. When it goes off, the lens covers don't come out to cover it either. Can anyone help me?

Camera Repair said...

Camera Crisis,
You're experiencing what is called a "lens error". See this other article on the blog for tips that may help you correct the problem.

Anonymous said...

I have a Fujifilm Finepix F410 which has been fine until yesterday. I erased all the frames to clear the xDcard but now the image on both the screen and the shot is a distorted image of green and red, a bit like a decibel counter. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

hi i have a fujifilm finepix l55 when i turn it on it tells me to turn it off then back on the zoom seems to be going out and in ok so could there be a way of fixing this it is under 3 months old but i no longer have the receipt thank you

Laurent said...

I have had a series of SX camera from Canon and they all ended up with "Lens Error"... I have a SX40 HS... and trick #6 did it !!!
I tapped the camera on the side against the palm of my hand and it worked !!!


Steven Taylor said...

I have a function ffinepix s86000. I was able to get the issue fixed by repeatedly pressing the shutter button while turning the camera on.